Terry Tsang

Terry Tsang

Pleasure to meet you here 🙂

Hi, I’m Terry Tsang.

I’ve been developing WooCommerce plugins at terrytsang.com since 2012. And recently i have redesigned the plugins into a TT WooCommerce collection.

I’m using Laravel and React to build web applications and React Native for mobile app development. In 2020, i have founded 3 Mini Monsters as a creative studio that focused in web/app development.

Apart from web and app development, i’ve been acting as tech consultant for few companies. From the product roadmap planning, business model/lean canvas, till building tech team and project management flow etc.

Web/App Development

I specialised in:
1. building landing page for your marketing campaign,
2. websites for your business,
3. ecommerce to sell your products or services online,
4. web/app platform to grow your audience,
5. And other technology products …

Technology/Product Consultation

Start with WHY, and then continue to your HOW, and finally i will guide you to draw out the blueprint of your WHAT.