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WooCommerce Plugins

Thanks for using my products. Here you can find more information and steps to make the best use of my products.

WooCommerce Extra Fee Options

Add extra fee (% or fixed amount) with minimum order / items / payment / shipping as options.

WooCommerce Extra Fee Options by Terry Tsang

WooCommerce Donation Checkout

Enable customers to topup their donation/tips at the checkout page with default donation amount (% or fixed).

WooCommerce Donation Checkout by Terry Tsang

WooCommerce One-Page Checkout

Combine cart and checkout page as a whole new page for better and faster purchase process.

WooCommerce One-Page Checkout by Terry Tsang

WooCommerce Custom Checkout

Customize WooCommerce checkout form fields by adding new fields or hiding existing fields.

WooCommerce Custom Checkout by Terry Tsang

WooCommerce Coming Soon

Display countdown clock at  the coming-soon product page with predefined message or form field.

WooCommerce Coming Soon by Terry Tsang

WooCommerce Product Badge

Add product badges liked Popular, Sales, Featured to the product catalog and product page.

WooCommerce Product Badge by Terry Tsang

WooCommerce Product Catalog

Hide Add to Cart / Checkout button and turn your WooCommerce website into product catalog.

WooCommerce Product Catalog by Terry Tsang

WooCommerce PowerUp!

provides a settings page where you can manage over 40 popular WooCommerce customizations without any code.

WooCommerce PowerUp! by Terry Tsang