How to Add Minimum/Maximum Order Quantity for WooCommerce Products

Documentation : WooCommerce Min/Max Order Quantity [DOWNLOAD]

The users can define minimum/maximum order quantity for entire shop/certain product (including variations) to control the quantities of items which can be purchased.


Global Settings:

 WooCommerce > Settings – General Tab (‘Cart, Checkout and Accounts’ section)

* Enabled Product Cart Addon
* Default Order Quantity every Cart Step / + Click
* Default Min Order Quantity
* Default Max Order Quantity


Individual Product Settings (Override Default):

Edit Product and go to ‘Product Data’ section

You can set different min/max order quantity for each product by using below form values:

* Product Cart Addon
* Order Quantity per Cart Step
* Minimum Order Quantity
* Maximum Order Quantity



Step 1: Download the plugin zip file and unzip that.

You will get an email with download link after successful payment made for the order at my site.


Step 2: Upload “woocommerce-product-cart-addon” folder to “wp-content/plugins/” at your server.

Unzip the downloaded zip file before you upload.

Step 3: Click “Plugins” menu at WordPress admin panel, and activate the plugin – WooCommerce Product Cart Add-ons.

There will be a new fields appear at:

1. Cart, Checkout and Accounts’ section at WooCommerce General Settings

2. Product Data > General section at Edit Product.


Step 4: Set The Global Default Settings

General Settings for WooCommerce Product Cart Add-ons

General Settings for WooCommerce Product Cart Add-ons


Step 5: Set The Product Individual Settings that Override Default (Optional)

Product Individual Settings

Product Individual Settings


Step 6: See The Result by Go to The Product Page and Add to Cart

Example Product Add to Cart Quantity with Plugin

Example Product Add to Cart Quantity with Plugin



WooCommerce Min/Max Order Quantity [DOWNLOAD]