How to Add Multiple Extra Fee for WooCommerce Order

Documentation : WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO [DOWNLOAD]

You can add multiple extra fee for WooCommerce order with this premium plugin.



You can add extra fee/charge that can be filter by:

1. Type (Fixed Rate or Cart % Fee)

2. Minimum Order (Optional, apply extra fee when cart total is less or equal than this amount)

3. Cart Item Range (Optional, apply extra fee when total cart items is within this range)

4. Payment (Optional, apply extra fee when payment is selected/default at checkout page)

5. Shipping (Optional, apply extra fee when shipping is selected/default at checkout page)


You can use this plugin for:

1. Add extra credit card fee with type “Cart % Fee” type and “Credit Card” payment (For example: 4% extra credit card charge for cart total)

2. Local Delivery Extra Charge (For example: $2 per order)

3. Extra Fee for Bulk Order (For example: add $10 if above 10 items)

4. and other possible combination or conditions…



Step 1: Download the plugin zip file and unzip that.

You will get an email with download link after successful payment made for the order at my site.


Step 2: Upload “woocommerce-extra-fee-option-pro” folder to “wp-content/plugins/” at your server.

Unzip the downloaded zip file before you upload.


Step 3: Click “Plugins” menu at WordPress admin panel, and activate the plugin – WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO.

There will be a new submenu appear below WooCommerce side menu – Extra Fee Options PRO


Step 4: You can manage all custom extra fee options at the list.

Step 5: To create new extra fee, just click “Add New” button at the bottom of the list.

After you set all the options for the new record, click “Save Options” button.


Step 6: You can test now by add any product to your cart and see the extra fee row if conditions applied.

Frontend WooCommerce - Cart page

Frontend WooCommerce – Cart page


Step 8:You can proceed to checkout and see the actual order total after apply taxable condition if set.

Frontend WooCommerce - Checkout page

Frontend WooCommerce – Checkout page



WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO [DOWNLOAD]