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WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO

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Product Description

A WooCommerce plugin that allow user to add multiple extra fee or discount for any order with flexible options.

In WooCommerce Settings Panel, there will be a new submenu link called ‘Extra Fee Options PRO‘ where you can:

*   Enabled / Disabled the extra fee option row
*   “Label” – choose the name for the extra fee
*   “Amount” – set the amount to be charged for the order
*   “Type” – there are 2 types (Fixed Rate or Cart % Fee)
*   “Taxable” – the fee will be taxable or not
*   “Minimum Order” – apply fee when cart total is less or equal than this amount
*   “Cart Items” – you can set cart item range for the fee
*   “Payment” – apply to certain payment gateway only
*   “Shipping” – apply to certain shipping method only

Admin WooCommerce Settings - Extra Fee Options PRO

Admin WooCommerce Settings – Extra Fee Options PRO

You can use this plugin for:

1. Add extra credit card fee with type “Cart % Fee” type and “Credit Card” payment (For example: 4% extra credit card charge for cart total)
2. Local Delivery Extra Charge (For example: $2 per order)
3. Extra Fee for Bulk Order (For example: add $10 if above 10 items)
4. Discount % or fixed discount cost for items purchased above 10 (just put minus(-) for ‘Amount’ field)

and many other possible combination or conditions…

*   Implement multiple extra fee for any orders with more options
*   2 languages available : English UK (en_GB) and Chinese (zh_CN)


*   Do use POEdit and open ‘wc-extra-fee-option-pro.pot’ file and save the file as wc-extra-fee-option-pro-[language code].po, then put that into languages folder for this plugin.


Compatible with latest WordPress version and WooCommerce

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1. Upload the entire *woocommerce-extra-fee-option-pro* folder to the */wp-content/plugins/* directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Go to WooCommerce Settings panel at left sidebar menu and update the options at Tab *Extra Fee Options PRO* there.
4. That’s it. You’re ready to go and cheers!