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Month: August 2022

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Processing

WooCommerce Custom Order Status “Processing”

Sometimes there is a need for a custom new order status for WooCommerce orders such as “Processing”, “Shipment Suspended On Holidays”, “Picked Up by Courier” and so on. Below is the code snippet you may add to the bottom of theme functions.php for example “Processing” new order status. You may replace text “Processing” with your …

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Logo Design Ideas by Terry Tsang

Logo Design Ideas

Here is a list of logo branding ideas for your next business or startup:   #AUTOMOTIVE   1. SpeedCar   2. CareWash   3. Speedious       #BANK   4. FutureBank   5. DigitalBank   6. MoneyWise   #CONSTRUCTION 7. CrossWork   8. A-Brick   9. Highrise   To be continued…

WooCommerce Snippet Series 06 - Display Purchase Note to All WooCommerce Emails

Display Purchase Note in All WooCommerce Emails

Purchase Note from the Product Data will be displayed at the customer’s new order which is completed. But what if you want to display that “Purchase Note” in all emails including the admin ones? Below is the code snippets you can add to your theme functions.php: function tt_display_purchase_note_in_all_emails( $args ) { $args[‘show_purchase_note’] = true; return …

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