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Logo Design Ideas by Terry Tsang

Logo Design Ideas

Here is a list of logo branding ideas for your next business or startup:   #AUTOMOTIVE   1. SpeedCar   2. CareWash   3. Speedious       #BANK   4. FutureBank   5. DigitalBank   6. MoneyWise   #CONSTRUCTION 7. CrossWork   8. A-Brick   9. Highrise   To be continued…

Malaysia Startup Funding Grants List by Terry Tsang

Funding / Grants For Your Startup in Malaysia

I compiled this list recently in the hope that it can be helpful whenever someone needs to search the list of available grants or funding to grow their business in Malaysia. Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Leading Malaysia’s Digital Economy Forward Get Started Cradle Fund Cradle’s Funding Programmes since 2003 – CIP Spark / CIP …

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